Grant of Probate (S$1,150 nett fee)

Have you been named the Executor in a Will? If so, you should be aware that it’s necessary to obtain a document called the Grant of Probate from the Family Court in Singapore before you can distribute the deceased’s assets.

We can help relieve you of the stress of applying for and extracting this Grant of Probate during what we understand to be a difficult and emotional time.

What if the Deceased did not make a Will? You will have to get a Grant of Letters of Administration instead.


We have handled hundreds of Probate applications. Our experience in obtaining the Grant of Probate means that we process applications quickly, with little fuss and at a fixed cost so there are never any surprises for both executor and beneficiary.

Our fixed-fee cost to extract a straightforward Grant of Probate (for an estate less than $3 million) is S$1,150 nett.

This includes all court filing fees, commissioning fees and disbursements.

And to answer your next question, yes, there are NO HIDDEN CHARGES AND NO G.S.T.

Our lawyer specializes in these applications and processes them quickly and painlessly. You can read more about him here.

In the event there are complications with the Will, separate fees may apply but we will inform you about all potential issues and exact costs during our…


We welcome you to have a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION with us to understand how we can extract your Grant of Probate quickly, smoothly and with no hiccups. You will only make payment when you decide to proceed with the matter and we file your court documents for you.

Please note that we provide EXACT QUOTES during our consultation. We let you know EXACTLY how much you will have to pay for your Grant of Probate.

During your consultation, we will require you to bring:

  1. Original Will;
  2. Original Death Certificate; and
  3. Available information and documentation about the assets of the deceased.


We seek to respond to every enquiry as quickly as possible. However, as we spend a good amount of time in court and tending to legal consultations, we may be unable to tend to your phone calls. We kindly request that you contact us through one of the following options:-

SMS/Whatsapp: +65 8823 6130

Alternatively, let us know the details of the matter through our contact form below and we will follow up with you within one business day.

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What We Offer Yes/No
Legal review of all necessary documents Yes
Filing of documents with Family Court Yes
Delivery of Original Will to Family Court Yes
Assistance with finding the assets of the estate Yes
Phone and email support Yes
Dedicated lawyer Yes
Fast and Efficient Yes
All court filing fees and disbursements included in price Yes
No hidden fees or GST Yes

No hidden charges

There are no hidden charges. We provide a thorough review of your matter at the start and we provide EXACT fee quotes.

We do not charge GST.

All disbursements and court filing fees will be included as part of the fixed price packages.

Resealing of Foreign Grant of Probate

We can help you reseal a foreign grant of probate for legal professional fees ranging from $1,800 to $3,000 exclusive of disbursements and court filing fees.

Please kindly note that the fees quoted above are for non-Muslim estates.