Protection from Harassment Act (POHA)

Someone is stalking you. Someone keeps sending you unwanted messages or unsolicited gifts. Your reputation has been damaged by untrue online posts.

POHA was enacted by the Singapore Government to help you get the appropriate remedy for the harassment you are facing.

We can help you navigate the POHA regime to obtain a Protection Order (PO) / Expedited Protection Order (EPO) / Non-Publication Order (NPO) at the following fixed prices:

File originating summons and supporting affidavit (of not more than 30 pages)


Service of POHA originating summons on counter party


Substituted service of POHA originating summons on counter party


Pre-Trial Conference

S$500 per attendance


S$1,000 per day

Hearing / Trial

S$1,500 per day

Extracting Court Order


Please email us at with a short summary of how you have been harassed. We will write back to set up the first consultation.

The cost of a 45 to 60 minute consultation is S$100.

If you subsequently decide to appoint us, we will set off the cost of the consultation against the cost of filing the originating summons and supporting affidavit.