Personal Protection Order

Do you need a lawyer to represent you in a Personal Protection Order (“PPO”) trial?

Personal Protection Order applications may result in a trial that is heard before a Magistrate or a District Judge in court. Domestic violence is a thorny subject and the relevant parties will have to adduce evidence in court to prove their respective cases.

We welcome you to have a FREE CONSULTATION (30 minutes) with us to understand how we can assist you in PPO proceedings (applying for or defending).

Our fixed price fees for each stage of contested PPO proceedings is capped at S$6,000 (i.e. the maximum that you will pay for your contested PPO proceedings if it is resolved by mediation is S$6,000).

Do note that the capped fee of S$6,000 is the maximum fee. If the parties agree to settle the matter at any stage of the proceedings, the fee will usually end up being lower.

Reasonable correspondence (letters) with spouse/spouse’s lawyer


Court Mentions

$150 per mention





Written Submissions


Attendance at PPO Trial

$1,500 per day

Please note that we do not charge G.S.T.

All disbursements and court filing fees will be included as part of the fixed price package. There are no hidden charges.