Criminal Law

You have been charged by the Police. We understand that you are stressed and unsure how to proceed. We seek to help you understand your rights and advise you on how to proceed.

We welcome you to have a FREE CONSULTATION (30 minutes) with us to understand how we can assist you with your matter.

Our fixed-fee costs for criminal representations are as follows:-

Plead Guilty (PG) Representations

We charge a fixed-fee of S$2,000.00 all in to handle a PG Representation in the State Courts. This fixed-fee package includes:-

  1. All court attendances;
  2. Written Representations;
  3. CCMS (if necessary); and
  4. Mitigation Plea.

Alternatively, our fees for separate stages are as follows:-

State Courts

Our charges for each stage in the criminal litigation process in the State Courts are as follows:

Written Representations


Plead Guilty Written Mitigation Plea


CCMS / CCR / PTC / Mentions

S$300 per attendance

Prison visit to obtain instructions from the accused

S$400 per visit

Filing a case for the Defence


Trial Attendance

S$3,500 per day

If it is required to write to the Investigating Officer and/or the Prosecution to request for documents, the charges for such documents are not included in the fixed fee package and will be billed separately.