Commercial Litigation

Letter of demand

The letter of demand is the first step in getting your money back.

Our fee for a letter of demand ranges from $100 for simple matters to $500 for more complex letters. This involves sending the letter of demand by registered mail and email.

In the event that the counterparty ignores the letter of demand, we can assist you with each stage of the litigation process at fixed prices.

Step by step procedure

  1. Please send us an email at and give us (1) a brief description of the dispute and (2) the claim amount. We need to know the claim amount in order to advise you on whether to sue in the Magistrates Court, District Court or High Court.
  2. We will send you a flow chart of the litigation process with a price list setting out the fixed price we charge for each stage of the proceedings.
  3. We will send you a payment link for the letter of demand. Alternatively, you can pay via bank transfer.
  4. When payment has been made, we will send you the draft letter of demand.
  5. Once finalised, we will send the letter of demand to the defendant (1) by post AND (2) by email.
  6. If the counter party does not pay up or respond by the deadline set in the letter of demand, you can contact us for a consultation to assess the merits of the case and decide whether you want to sue the counter party.
  7. The cost for a 45 to 60 minute consultation is S$100. If you subsequently decide to appoint us, we will set off the cost of the consultation against the cost of issuing the writ of summons and statement of claim.
  8. If you require a written legal opinion on the merits of your case, we can provide you with one. The cost for the written legal opinion is S$1,000.


Your legal fees should not wipe out the value of your claim.

Our fixed price fee structure ensures that your exposure to legal fees is capped:

Magistrates Court (claim amount less than S$60,000)

  • S$2,000 for writ of summons and statement of claim
  • S$7,000 (including writ of summons) all in if the matter is settled without a trial
  • Additional S$6,000 (excluding court fees) for a trial

District Court (claim amount between S$60,000 to S$250,000)

  • S$3,000 for writ of summons and statement of claim
  • S$8,000 (including writ of summons) all in if the matter is settled without a trial
  • Additional S$10,000 (excluding court fees) for a trial

High Court (claim amount above S$250,000)

  • S$5,000 to S$7,000 for writ of summons and statement of claim
  • Expect to pay S$50,000 to S$100,000 for a full trial