Appointment of Deputy

There is someone you care dearly for that lacks the capacity to make decisions for himself in relation to his own welfare and/or his property and affairs. You are unable to take care of him due to your own old age. You can prepare for your loved one’s future by appointing a Deputy for him.

The cost of a 45 to 60 minute consultation is S$100.

If you subsequently decide to appoint us, we will set off the cost of the consultation against your first bill.

A package deal for uncontested Appointment of Deputy is available for S$5,500 all in. This includes the filing of the relevant documents (i.e. Originating Summons, Deputy's Affidavit, Doctor's Affidavit, Consents of Relevant Persons), attending Case Conferences and extracting the Final Court Order.

The fixed price package deal is based on the following conditions:-

  1. If more than 4 affidavits in total are required, the additional affidavits will be charged at S$400 each for doctor affidavits and S$250 each for non-doctor affidavits.
  2. An affidavit will be used up as the affidavit for the Deputy or Deputies.
  3. An affidavit will be used up by the doctor who made the evaluation of the patient's mental capacity.
  4. There will be two spare affidavits that will be used to address any additional information or documents that the judge wants to be admitted to the court.
  5. The fixed price package covers up to 2 Relevant Persons (i.e. spouse, parent, sibling or child above the age of 21 years old). An additional $100 is chargeable for every Relevant Person above the first 2 Relevant Persons involved in the matter.
  6. Every Relevant Person has to either sign a Consent or be served with the filed Court documents.
  7. If an Urgent Interim Order is required, an additional $500 will be charged.
  8. The application will not be contested (i.e. there are no Relevant Persons who will contest your application to be the Deputy).